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Who are Our Graduates?

Our Graduates is an online platform which creates a channel between employers, students and graduates.

• Looking for a career is more exciting
• Our introduction of a Video Vitae gives potential employees a real opportunity to showcase their skills

Who can join?

The platform allows employers to register as it does for students and graduates.

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How do I create a video vitae?

Use a respectable quality webcam, digital camera or handheld device to record your video introduction. Once your video is recorded upload it on to our YouTube channel directly or Google videos. Select the unlisted option if you don't want your video to be publicly accessed on YouTube. Once your video is created you can copy the URL link to your edit resume section on your account dashboard.

Do you offer internships?

Yes. For those candidates who would like to take part in charity or voluntary work we also provide these opportunities.

Can I update my account?

Yes. Login into your account and simply click on the red icon at the top right of the screen and make your changes as you please.

Can I speak to other candidates?

No. Direct messaging between candidates is not available. Candidates can however respond to employer private messages directly.

Do you use social media websites?

Yes. We use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Do I have to pay to use the site?

If you are a candidate No. If you are an employer or company then Yes. Employers still have the option of a 1 month free trial with full service benefits to see if they want to go ahead with a subscription plan.

When will I know I am selected for a job?

The company you applied for should get in contact with you either by phone call or email, or both.

What happens when I upload my video vitae on the site?

Your video will be viewable by employers and will help aid your search for a career. It may also be uploaded to our official YouTube channel. If you would prefer for your video to not appear on our YouTube channel and to only appear on our website then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have a question how do I get in touch?

For any queries or feedback get in contact with us here