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About us

Who are we

Thank you and welcome to Our Graduates!

We take online recruitment to a new level for students and graduates in the UK. Our journey began in 2012 when two close friends who graduated from University decided to build a platform that would change the future of recruitment.

Graduates often find it difficult to find a job let alone a career. Students can also find it hard to gain the necessary experience they need from work placements as positions are usually limited. We give candidates the opportunity to join a fast growing network, a platform, a diverse community which connects students & graduates with employers in an efficient and effective manner. Showcase your skills with an exciting video vitae!

Why we are different

Our platform operates as a gateway for businesses who want to recruit strong candidates to join their organisation and for those candidates who want to excel in their career through joining a successful company. Candidates will get into the habit of doing that extra bit more to secure a career by backing up their paper CV with a video vitae to aid their applications. (See the Video Vitae section below for more information).

Video Vitae

In addition to a profile and CV employers can screen potential candidates by watching a one - two minute 'video vitae', where the candidate talks about what they've achieved to date at University, and what their career aspirations are moving forward. The employer can then decide whether to bring the candidate in for an interview etc., this saving time for both parties to identify the most suitable potential candidates. Most people can write an effective CV on paper, but demonstrating this is another task.

To see more on how to record a successful video vitae click here.


We aim to provide a quality service to all of our users presenting them with a platform that will change the way they view recruitment forever.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We will always aim to connect with new companies all over the globe that offer the best opportunities for undergraduates and graduates. Employers will find it easier to search for specific talent in one place, there will no longer be a need to look on countless job boards to do so.