Enjoy a nice Valentine's Day meal

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With Valentine’s Day just round the corner why not visit one of our favourite restaurants in Soho, Zizzi’s. You can expect the great atmosphere and livelihood of Soho to add an extra bit of spice (not just to your meal!). If you’re planning on not breaking the bank with your partner this year expect a reasonably price menu with super tasty starters, mains and yummy desserts. Why not throw in a bottle of Prosseco to your lovely meal? Just the thought of this is making me hungry!

Alternatively, you could take your partner (or date) to somewhere shining with an Oriental essence, Busaba located in Hoxton does just that. You may find yourself thinking that you will spend more as the portions may appear rather pricey for the quantity. We can assure you, that’s not the case! Are you a noodle, tofu, duck, or chicken fan? This is your place.

 I think it will be Zizzi’s for me, here’s a picture for you all to enjoy from the lovely starters that Zizzi’s has to offer……


Zizzi's Starters


Hello and welcome to the new Our Graduates blog!

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Hello all and welcome to the new Our Graduates blog. Here's where you'll find the latest news about students, graduates, jobs and other opportunities. Cool and fun information about well known companies searching for new talent, to tips on writing the perfect CV, and even career opportunities abroad! Oh, of course we can't forget to mention the creative Video Vitae and how it can help you in landing the perfect job. Click here to find out more.

You'll also be able to see discussions and expect exciting weekly content! Our blog will be managed by different members of the Our Graduates team so you can expect some snazzy content. So go ahead, bookmark this blog, email to a friend, or share on your social media. Let the blogging begin!

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I've graduated! Now what?!

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So, you’ve completed a 3 year degree in University and now you’ve reached the exciting, or not so exciting point where you need to find a job! There are plenty of questions you may be asking yourself such as shall I take some time off to travel,  do a master’s or get straight into work etc. Since you don’t want to make any irrational decisions take some time to think about them and make a realistic plan.

Travelling time

Who wouldn’t want a nice break away in a beautiful country other than their own? Pretty much everyone. Taking time out to travel does require some consideration though, how long do you plan to travel for? How much do you need to save? Are you travelling then returning back into education, or will you begin your career search on arrival? Decisions decisions! Start to make a realistic plan, if you do decide to travel plan on how long you will go for so you can put the necessary budget aside for your journey. If you’re going to travel and begin looking for work when you return, instead keep a look out for career opportunities early on so you can be well prepared when it’s time to secure a promising job.

Master’s Degree

It’s no surprise that in a congested job market it’s only sensible to try and stand out from the crowd. A few years ago, a good degree would have done the trick, but with almost half of all school leavers now going to University that may no longer be enough for you. Again, think about your budget as average fees for a MA are around £6,000, although they can be £30,000 or more for some MBAs.


It’s time to work! Sound fun? If you’ve landed yourself in a job which can lead to a positive career after you’ve graduated then this could be exactly what you need, maybe you’re working for a company and need to work your way up to be in the position you want. If you feel you’re ready for the job world get in there and begin applying through job sites (hint), attend career fairs, check newspaper ads etc. Know the difference between a job and a career! You may want to work on a temporary basis or do some part time work to put some money in your pocket in a job with career paths. If you are working somewhere on a temporary basis don’t get too comfortable, always aim high!

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